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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register as a family?

  • 1 parent/guardian and any number of children – $50.00:
    • Deaf or hard of hearing child under 18
    • Hearing siblings
  • Registration fee includes childcare for ages 6 months – 4 years old and/or excursions for ages 5 – 14 years old.
  • Additional parent/guardian – $25.00 each
  • NOTE: This registration is for the conference only and does not include your hotel reservations.

Who can register for childcare?

ONLY those registrants who have a child who is deaf or hard of hearing aged 18 or under.

What about my child who is 15-18?

Their registration is free! A child who is 15-18 years old will need to be registered separately as a high school student. They do not need to be registered as a child with your family registration.

What if my child doesn’t sign?

We will have staff that are able to communicate with children using a variety of communication modes.

What if I’m a professional and a parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child?

If your deaf or hard of hearing child is 18 years or younger, you may register as a parent. If they’re over 18, you must register as a professional.

How much does the family event cost?

  • There is no additional charge for the family event. It is included in your registration.
  • The date of the family event is to be determined.

* More information about the event will be forthcoming.

Do You Have Other Questions?

Please send any questions you have to

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