Child Care Workers Needed

What is the need?

We are looking for paid contractors or volunteers to assist with the childcare/youth programs for two and a half days— Tuesday, July 23, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm; Wed., July 24, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; and Thurs. July 25, 8:00 am to 12:30 pm). Shifts and times are approximate. We are especially interested in staff fluent in ASL and students studying ASL because we want to ensure an accessible environment for any deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) children who use sign language.

What’s going on at the Statewide Conference on Deaf Education?

The Texas Association of Parents and Educators of the Deaf (TAPED) and various state agencies collaborate to plan this biennial conference for professionals, parents, and students. The 2024 conference will be in Austin, TX at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center. Approximately 850-1000 people will attend this event. To encourage family attendance, the conference offers childcare to families with a deaf or hard-of-hearing child. This allows the parents a unique opportunity to meet and learn from other parents of DHH children, professionals, and DHH adults. Likewise, children have the chance to meet with children from other families like theirs in which at least one child is deaf or hard of hearing. While parents attend educational workshops, children will be involved in fun experiences on-site at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center.

What do staff/volunteers need to know?

Once you have been hired, you will receive your group assignment and schedule. You must be on time each day (8:00 am), as we have limited time to provide an orientation before the families begin to arrive. Contractors-volunteers are cleared to leave AFTER childcare areas are cleaned. In order to receive payment or your letter of recommendation and documentation of service hours, you must complete all the assigned shifts.

Will we have lodging?

We do not have budgeted funds to provide hotel rooms for contractors-volunteers, so we are recruiting from the Austin/Central Texas area. If there are volunteers/contractors who would like to participate from outside that area, they will be responsible for their own lodging and travel, and they may be responsible for paying for parking at the hotel.

Wow, three days is a lot of time!

Yes, it is. We do need you to commit to this entire block of time because the children will be in an unfamiliar environment and with people they have not met before. It is difficult to create a comfort factor if we rotate new staff daily. This also gives the staff an opportunity to work out a system and to get to know each other.

What’s in it for me?

You may choose to either be paid an hourly rate or get volunteer credit for this position. If you choose to volunteer your time you will receive:

  • Experience working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children
  • An opportunity to use your sign language skills
  • A letter documenting your internship and/or service hours
  • A letter of recommendation, if appropriate or necessary

If you choose to receive payment for your time you will receive: 

  • Experience working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children
  • An opportunity to use your sign language skills
  • $15/hour for documented work-time

What do I need to provide?

You must apply, pass a criminal background check, and agree to the job requirements listed on the online application. Interviews will be conducted as applications are received until all positions are filled.

The application will close on May 15, 2024. Apply now!

If you have any questions regarding the application or positions for this conference, please email us at

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