SWCED Recognition Awards

Special Recognition Awards

The Texas Association of Parents and Educators of the Deaf (T.A.P.E.D.) continually strives to recognize all of the great people and organizations in Texas who give so much to the education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing.  The following is a list of those outstanding individuals and organizations who have received T.A.P.E.D. Special Recognition Achievement Awards in recent years.  These awards were first given in 1990 and are given to individuals/organizations for their contributions to the field of deaf education. To nominate an outstanding person in deaf education, click on this link.

Nomination forms are due March 31, 2018

Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Sandy Chance, Connie Ferguson, Mindy LaCour, Dr. Diana Poeppelmeyer, 2016
  • Sandra Connatser, DiAnne Allison, Marcia Crouch, 2014
  • Dan Diffee, 2010
  • Cheryl Ferguson, 2010
  • Jean Matney, 2010
  • Sharon M. Parham, 2008
  • Dr. Shã Cowan, 2004
Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Sharon Tallet, Mesquite RDSPD, 2010
 Outstanding Program Supervisor Award
  • Angela Belding, Brazos River RDSPD, 2016
  • Kayla Hughes, Nacogdoches RDSPD, 2012
  • Kelley Watt, Tri-County East RDSPD, 2012

Outstanding Teacher of the Deaf

  • Barbara Talamantez, 2016
  • Rachel Roson, 2014
  • Melinda Gandrud, Brazos Valley RDSPD, 2012
  • Vicky Alford, San Marcos ISD, Region XIII RDSPD, 2010
Education Service Award:  Interpreter
  • Melburn Bradley, Plano RDSPD, 2012
  • Julia Fleming, Plano RDSPD, 2010
Outstanding Speech Language Pathologist
  • Nancy Sinclair, 2016
  • Mary Ceglio, El Paso RDSPD, 2010
Education Service Award:  Diagnostician
  • Janice Wiggins, Houston RDSPD, 2012
  • Alice Martinez, Dallas ISD, 2010
Outstandfing Audiologist Award
  • Kristie Henry, 2014
Outstanding Principal Award
  • Kristin Bishop, 2016
  • Amy Clark, Bryan ISD, 2012
  • Andy Pool, Brazos River RDSPD, 2008
Outstanding ENT Award
  • Andrew DeJong, MD